At Bubble Battles , the safety and health of our customers and the community have always been our number one priority. We know you might have questions regarding your bookings and in general as such in the times of this global pandemic. We would like to assure you that we are constantly monitoring the novel coronavirus outbreak and have taken measures at our facility to keep everyone around us safe. 

Steps We Have Taken:

  1. Confirmation Check - On our confirmation emails and calls we will be asking every single person about any symptoms to not show up at our partner facilities.

  2. Hand Sanitizer – At all events we will have hand-sanitizer station placed outside the field premises. Customers can sanitize their hands and use Lysol wipes to clean anything that needs attention.

  3. Fever Check – Before any customer puts on a mask or glasses or handles any equipment, we’ll be using non-contact fever-gun to check their temperature. We will be conducting before the start of the event games. All our partner facilities that we partner with are cleaning high touch areas before we use their fields and facilities.  

  4. Cleaning Procedures –  IN ADDITION to our stringent cleaning process CLOROX WIPES THAT DISINFECT THE HUMAN CORONA VIRUS  on all our equipment, we will also be using N601+ restaurant grade solution to clean our Archery Battles masks after each event.

  5. Staff – All our staff is using masks to cover up their faces and gloves for their hands.

6. Fields and Facilities :We will only be playing on medium and large     fields so there in more space for our players.

7.Bubble Soccer Games have been suspended until further notice.

Steps We Want Everyone To Take:

Health and safety of all in such times are our collective responsibility. We encourage all our community members and customers to;

1.     Frequently wash their hands with soap and water

2.     Cover your nose and/or mouth with a tissue or your elbow if you have to sneeze or cough

3.     Please stay home if you are sick


Because of the pandemic, we had many concerns from customers so we recommend many to reschedule to a future date of their choice. If a day was not available yet we would keep credit to your account that WILL not expire.

We thank you for your support.

We’ll be soon making further announcements. Do keep in touch with us on social. Together, we shall overcome this.

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